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1096 Cully

Tel: (+41) 021 799 16 59

E-mail:  pierre@vins-fonjallaz.ch

Packing units:
Box of 70cl white wine: 12 bottles
Box of 70cl red or special wine: 6 bottles
Box of 50cl: 15 bottles
Box of 35cl: 18 bottles

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Payment Conditions and Quantity Discounts:

  • 3% discount if the wine is taken in the cellar
    Use the promo code "cave"

  • 10% discount if more than 120 bouteilles are ordered
    Use the promo code "120bouteilles"

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Bienvenue !

Welcome on my family estate where I work since 1992. My philosophy is to work closer to nature, through gentle and non-polluting practices. The wines produced on the estate express the terroir and the vintage. These are quality artisanal wines that affirm their own personality.

I work on the field according to the principles of Biodynamics (Rudolf Steiner) in a search for harmony with the living.

My pleasure is that by drinking our bottles, you discover our work.


Pierre Fonjallaz

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The seasons on the vineyard

In the vineyard
In the wine cellar