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The Vineyard

The Family

The Fonjallaz family has been living in Epesses since 1552.

Winemakers for generations, our family perpetuates the know-how, the respect and the love of the vine and the wine.

Performing all the work, from the planting of the vine to the sale of the bottle, we remain guardians of an ancient craft.

The field is worked in Biodynamics with a particular focus on the use of renewable energy.

The surface of 2.5 ha is located on the terroirs of Epesses, Calamin, Dézaley and St-Saphorin.

The grapes grown are mainly Chasselas and Merlot, followed by Viognier, Diolinoir, Gamay, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Noir.

The 9 wines offered come only from the vineyards of the estate, they are raised, bottled and sold on site.

At the vineyard

The work in the vineyard is done with very gentle and manual practices. A motor mower and an electric brushcutter help us maintain a permanent meadow where life can express itself freely. The cycle in the vineyard is closed, no matter, fertilizer or others come in to compensate for the annual harvest. These are the mowing, the remains of the vine, wood, leaves, and the life of the soil that provide this material.

The protection to help the vine protect against diseases is with minerals such as copper, sulfur and bicarbonate, and with plants such as nettle, horsetail, wicker, yarrow, etc.

Specific biodynamic treatments reinforce our practices by bringing more life into our soil (horn dung) and into our plants (horn silica).

In the wine cellar

The wines in the cellar are raised with simple and not very technical practices. Great respect is given to the accompaniment of the wines so that they reveal their potential. It is therefore a process of valorization of grapes of the year with a minimum of interventions.

The white wines of Chasselas are raised in metal vats. The other wines, Viognier and Red wines, are aged in oak barrels.


Vineyard & Terroirs

Lavaux is one of the four viticultural regions of the canton of Vaud with La Côte, Le Chablais and Le Nord Vaudois. This beautiful region located on Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Vevey.

On its slopes clinging to its terraced vineyard. A unique construction, shaped by hands over the centuries to produce wines of great reputation.

Lavaux includes 8 appellations with prestigious names. Starting from Lausanne: Lutry, Villette, Epesses, Calamin, Dézaley, St Saphorin, Chardonne and Vevey-Montreux.

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